Matt Shirley

JavaScript enthusiast and Web Developer

Authenticated Routes with React Router V4 & Redux

Extending the React Router V4 documentation, if you need to integrate a Redux store with an authenticated route then try:…

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Getting Started with React Native Navigation on Android

Navigators (or routers) are a core part of a React Native application however it is quite confusing with having a few options out there, such as React Navigation and ex-navigation built using JavaScript. Personally, I have found React Native Navigation the most user-friendly solution. RNN is a implementationā€Šusing the…

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Lifty Life at Red Mountain

I took a season break of travelling to work a Ski Lift Operator. The Kootenay Sea was a common sight.…

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Polar Bear Sign at Churchill, Manitoba

You always had a worry that you'd see a Polar Bear in Churchill.…

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Whistlers Mountain

Slightly over edited photo, however, still nice šŸ‘Œ…

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